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Dezomeshiki: Japanese FireFighting Demo Video

Here’s a video I did on Dezomeshiki – A firefighting demonstration and parade put on every year by the Tokyo Fire Department. It features the hikeshi – old Japanese firefighters – doing acrobatics on ladders. The girl in the video who helps me pronounce Dezomeshiki is one of my school’s former students that I bumped into completely by accident.

Music by:

Super Girl Juice

March 13, 2008 - Posted by | Dezomeshiki, event, fire, Fire Department, firefighter, firefighting, hikeshi, japan, tokyo, travel, video, vlog, youtube

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  1. Really interesting research. I am writing you now because I was trying to research some information on Japanese firefighters. You see their is this 20 year old kid who was trying to impress a girl telling her he was a firefighter (in Sapporo) and that he has seen so many deaths. I am very close to waving the BS flag, but after reading your post I was wondering if you could maybe give me your thoughts on teh above. How old do you have to be to an actual FF not VFF. And do you think his story is viable or his he just trying to score?

    Comment by Stephen | April 16, 2010 | Reply

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