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Burger Hell – Eating 7 Patty Whopper From Burger King

A couple of weeks ago, Burger King released a special 7 beef patty whopper as a sales gimmick in relation to Windows 7 release. Windows 7 – 7 Patties, get it?

Maybe the feeling was if the burger doesn’t kill you, working with Windows 7 will.

Anyway, I decided to give the burger a shot. It turned out to be more of a chore than I thought and I barely finished it with my sanity and blood pressure intact. Here is the result of my experiment.

It was a whale of burger (but no real whale as far as I could tell) with a fair amount of grease that turned the bun into a soggy mess.

In the background is music from street performers in Germany so if you hear German voices, it’s from the background music and not your head – this time.

BTW no offense to Burger King intended. For fast food, Burger King makes good burgers but 7 patties? Good Lord, that’s just too much!

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