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Current TV Fire Twirler Promo Vid

This is a promo vid I did for Current TV a few months back with footage from the Flaming Aussie set to traditional Japanese music.

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Flaming Aussie set to Traditional Japanese Shakuhachi Flute

I re-did the Flaming Aussie vid with music played by a Japanese Shakuhachi Flute.


Also listen to the chirping crickets in the background. When winter comes, this video will remind you of warm summer evenings.

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Flaming Aussie!

Here’s a little vid I put together of an Aussie girl doing a bit of flame-twirling on a Sado Island, Japan during the Kodo 3 Day Earth Celebration Taiko Drum Concert.

She currently lives in the Fukushima Prefecture.

August 22, 2007 Posted by | Australia, fire, flame-twirling, japan, Sado Island, travel, video | 1 Comment