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Happy Roswell Day!


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The Headlines in Roswell that would be quickly retracted

It was 60 years ago, on July 8th that the US Army released a press statement that they had recovered the wreckage of flying disk in Roswell, New Mexico.

Of course the next day, they changed their tune and said it was a weather balloon. How a disk turns into a weather balloon overnight, is beyond my guess unless those boys had been hitting the peyote the day before.

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The Roswell “cover-up” or debunking was the end of a wave of US UFO sightings of the flying saucer variety that began a few weeks earlier.

Yet from that incident the UFO culture was born – well kind of. The Roswell crash was actually forgotten (a successful cover-up for sometime apparently) until it was dug up again in the 1980s and became the biggest UFO event practically in UFO history in retrospect. Not only UFO debris was reportedly recovered but also alien bodies – some apparently still alive!

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A Dead Roswell “Grey” on the Slab

Even though Roswell was somewhat forgotten at the time, its lingering presence along with the other reports were the perfect catalyst for all the alien movies that began to be churned out of Hollywood in B-grade Sci-fi flicks during simmering political climate of the Cold War. On the Silver Screen, aliens came either to conqueror Earth or save it from itself.

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“Klaatu barada nikto, to you too.”

On the reality front, despite officially debunking the Roswell crash, the military grew concerned over all the UFO sightings. The Air Force launched what would later be called the famed (or infamous depending on who you ask) Project Blue Book at the end of 1947. The term UFO – Unidentified Flying Object – replaced that of flying saucers under the project. Project Blue Book continued until 1970 when it was terminated (if you believe the official version – cue X-Files tune).

UFO sightings grew into a phenomenon over the decades as reports went beyond mere sightings to cattle mutilations to actual abductions. All the while, Roswell was like the quiet senile old grandparent silently rocking their chair back and forth smiling a curiously knowing smile until one day they decided to speak and unleash a whopper of a tale!

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Mars Attacks – there goes the neighborhood!

The weather balloon excuse ballooned into a top secret project – but still a balloon – which was suppose to detect Soviet nuclear testing. It was rather premature as the Soviets did not test their first nuclear weapon until 1949.

If that was the case, by the time of Sputnix, revealing the truth about Roswell if it had been some failed spy craft would have been no skin off the US’s nose. By the 50s and 60s you had those stealth planes – U-2 – hitting the skies (and getting knocked out of the skies).

Why would a UFO story erupt out of the Roswell crash to begin with? If it was a product of cover-up or imagination, it doesn’t make much sense since more rational explanations would have satisfied all concerned and the matter forgotten.

Aliied pilots encountered Nazi jets at the end of WWII. Despite being radicallly different than the planes of that time, there were no flights of fancy of them being from another world.

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Had the Roswell crash been even a experimental craft, I don’t think it would have been so strange that witnesses would have remembered that forgotten incident so well for so long. The government could have easily quieted the people by saying it was a matter of national security. It seemed that whatever crashed there took everyone by surprise.

Roswell could have easily remained in the mothballs of non-events but something apparently happened there that left a lingering echo that would not be entirely silenced.

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Anal probes seem mild in comparison to what these aliens would do to abductees!

So crack open a case of Romulan ale, break out the anal probes, and enjoy Roswell Day!

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