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THE JEWS KILLED JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE JEWS KILLED JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The ridiculousness of an ancient blame

Ugh! Was it something I said?

Easter is a joyous occassion for those of the Christian faith. A day of to remember when Jesus Christ rose from the dead with the promise of life ever after. It’s a day to solemnly reflect how this Christian holiday with all its less than subvert pagan trapppings came about in the first place, namely that: the Jews Killed Jesus!!! And Thank God for that! Otherwise Christianity would be up the spiritual creek without a paddle in lacking a messiah to die for our sins and come back.

Well, another Easter has come and gone. The pagan Easter Bunny has laid his colorful pagan eggs for all the good Christian girls and boys while Jesus Christ has been crucified, buried, and risen from the grave again. Now it’s time to start thinking about Christmas shopping.

But the lingering gloomy shadow of Easter is ever present and has been for a long time. What should have been a simple celebration of a holy man’s selfless sacrifice and resurrection sprinkled with pagan fertility symbolism has long been used as fuel in the furnace of Anti-Semitism.

Comedian or Christ-Killer?

“The Jews killed Jesus” – this has been the claim of Anti-Semites for centuries during the Middle Ages until the Age of Enlightenment forced them to abandon such mystical religious nonsense and scientifically rationalize their prejudice with racism.

Jesus was accused of heresy by the Jewish high council, the Sanhedrin, and handed over to the occupying Romans to be executed for sedition against Rome by reportedly claiming the title “King of the Jews.” The Roman governor offered the crowd a choice between freeing a known murderer and Jesus and the crowd chose the murderer.

From a religious standpoint, the claim of “Jews killed Jesus” should not have created such fury. After all, if those Christians who hated (and still hate) the Jews for supposedly killing their messiah actually read the Bible (and read between the lines rather than taking things so literally) they would have understood that Jesus’ death was pretty much pre-ordained and a necessity for the Christian religion.

So Christians should keep the Jews warm in their heart every Easter season and send them thank you cards because otherwise they’d be burning in hell for being pagans never having heard about the true religion. Let’s face it, without the Crucifixion and resurrection, would Dark Age Goths and the like have been as willing to give up their bloody and fierce gods for the words of an unemployed carpenter living in the desert? I don’t think the party tricks of multiplying of fish and bread or turning water into wine would have wowed the pagan barbarians back then.


Jesus’s Death = MC Square

Personally, I’ve never really understood that bit of animosity towards Jews and I even went to Catholic School for 6 years – before someone left a window open but that’s another story. Not once in those 6 years, did I ever get the impression Jews were in any way shape or form bad people. After all Jesus was a Jew as I had been taught so a certain amount of respect was to be accorded to the Jewish people. This view may seem astoundingly strange to be espoused by a member of a religious organization that long held Jews in contempt and blamed them for killing the founder of their religion.

My Catholic upbringing was somewhat different than perhaps traditional Catholic upbringings. Being Catholic in the Southern part of America is somewhat different than being one in New England, Ireland, or Italy. Catholics are a minority that are not entirely understood. Some southern Christians groups don’t believe Catholics are even Christians. So being in a minority perhaps has lent Southern Catholics a more sympathetic disposition. In addition I grew up after a number of reforms had swept through the Catholic Church under the second Vatican Council and more importantly I grew up after the 1960s. My church was a former barn founded by former hippies. Even my staid conservative Catholic school had us singing 60s folk songs during Mass.

My Mother made me kill Jesus

Due to this different upbringing, I naively thought for a long time Anti-Semitism was just some bizarre psychological disease that only the Nazis had mysteriously suffered from. When I began studying history more intently, I couldn’t understand the reason for all the hostility towards the Jews during the Middle Ages – I could understand the anger over whole money thing since money is often a source of ill will but this whole “Jews killed Jesus” thing just struck me as absolute nonsense. Yet it was precisely this reason that Jews were so persecuted by Christian society that one of the only profession they could take up was money-lending which in turn incurred further resentment.

Emperor Constantine who made Christianity the official religion of the flailing Roman Empire had this to say about Easter and Jews:

…it appeared an unworthy thing that in the celebration of this most holy feast we should follow the practice of the Jews, who have impiously defiled their hands with enormous sin, and are, therefore, deservedly afflicted with blindness of soul. Let us then have nothing in common with the detestable Jewish crowd; for we have received from our Savior a different way…

He was blaming the entirety of the Jews for Jesus’ cosmically pre-planned execution 3 centuries beforehand! Talk about sins of the father! In this case the sins of the father’s father’s father’s father’s father’s father’s… well, you get the idea. I’m pretty sure not every Jewish person was even in Jerusalem at that time.

Set Phazers to Crucifixion Level, Mr. Spock!

Even the later Anti-Semitism founded in scientific racism and Social Darwinism had its roots in this religious bias. Such hatred was so traditional that it couldn’t be tossed aside with the coming of science and reason; so the prejudice was backed up with spurious scientific theories of racial superiority.

But what they all overlooked was the huge favor the “Christ-killing” Jews did for Christianity. Christianity needed a dead savior to be more marketable back in those times. Without the Crucifixion, there’d be no Easter. There’d be no Christian symbolism to attach to and dominate pagan spring rituals. There’d be no Easter Bunny, no fish sticks on Fridays, and probably no Christmas or Santa Claus even. And more importantly there’d be no resurrection – the main selling point of Christianity to simpleminded people who couldn’t (and still can’t) look past the magical bells and whistles to the underlying message of peace to your fellow man and all that jazz.

By killing Jesus, the Jews in affect saved Christianity and we’ve shown them piss-poor gratitude in return. So if you’re Christian, hug a Jew today and say to them: “Thank you for killing my Messiah! I’d probably be worshipping trees and sacrificing virgins to the Cthulhu or some other pagan devil if it weren’t for you and your people!”

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  1. Dave,

    You ought to check out Bill Boulet’s messages the past couple weeks called CSI Jerusalem. He is the Senior Pastor at Heritage Baptist Church in Lakeland, FL. You can find them here,

    Comment by mustardtree | April 10, 2007 | Reply

  2. Have you read Joe Atwill’s Caesar’s Messiah? His thesis is that Christianity was invented by the Flavian Caesars as post war propoganda. I have posted a few of my TV interviews with Atwill on so you can watch these and understand what happened in first century history. You can also see the transcript of my interview with John Hudson on the gospels as a comic parody of the Torah.

    Comment by RodephEmet | April 11, 2007 | Reply

  3. Wonder what you’d think of this cross:

    The Way of the Christian Samurai

    Comment by P | June 21, 2007 | Reply

  4. Ha! Love the tone! Great blog – I had a similar upbringing in Southern California… I went through 12 years of Catholic school and came out with a similar opinion on the whole “Jews killed Christ” thing. (Which I didn’t even realize was a “thing” until I started working a job with a number of very conservative Christians who had regular bible studies during breaks that I wasn’t ready to participate in because I wasn’t saved. I didn’t want to be included – so it worked out well for all of us.)

    For all the flack that Catholics get for keeping Jesus on the cross in the form of the crucifix, it at least honors the idea that Jesus had to actually die for anything to happen. Jews or no Jews, somebody had to do it… cause Jesus would have to go to hell if he committed suicide, right?

    Comment by Loli | June 22, 2007 | Reply

  5. Hard to believe Christmas is already around the corner. I am ready for some Thanksgiving turkey though.

    Comment by retro | November 19, 2007 | Reply

  6. It now appears, from Atwill, Carotta and the Peso Family Historians, that Christianity is a Roman joke. The New Testament is a comic book that the Vespasian Caesars wanted to feed to the rebellious Jews. The educated classes laughed at the Humpty Dumpty impudence of the Gospels and the only weak-minded traitors who gulped it down as ‘GOSPEL’ were those Jews who wanted an ‘in’ with the Roman State, with Constantine and the like. Josephus took the shilling and turned ‘Queeen’s Evidence’, but whatever Josephus did in writing these comic books, his crimes are as nothing to the Roman Papacy’s. Pope after Pope used the comic book to feed it to more weak-minded people across the world and the result was that legions and generations of entrepreneurs fulminated what ‘Jesus said’ everywhere they went. They became advisers and counsellors to the Kings that they had convinced; they even wanted the world to remain flat in the face of science, and the number of people they massacred all around the globe for 2,000 years on foot of a comic book is perfectly unfathomable…. The greatest liars stood for truth and probity; words like dignity and respect were never off their lips, yet they tortured thousands and thousands of old women without a shred of dignity or respect; and those pagans who refused to swallow the Humpty Dumpty story were summarily executed , burned at the stake by every successive fraudulent Pope that abused his powers. The message was of peace, but the preach was of war, crusades and crusades of them — and continuing , it seems in Poland — the concern was for poverty, but the Popes oozed Gold rings, mitrres, nations and benefices beyond any single Emperor’s grasp. And this tissue of lies and contradictions the Papacy and its well-paid agents (I think every priest is a millionaire!) have sustained for so long, was made possible by rituals and red-neck postures that would make a three-card trickster look like an innocent.

    The gold drips from the Vatican’s holdings, and however ridiculous its ‘mission’ or its ‘message’ , it still is by far the greatest land and property agent in every country. It holds so much wealth and yet, not one of them, men or women, are married; not one of them begets a child, or looks after a child, a wife, or produces a loaf of bread; the world is owned by celibates whose basic organisation is built on one lie after another; and they still fulminate their entrepreneurial guff to secular people who know better.

    For all those Pagans (some 50 milllion) they killed because ‘Jesus Said’ something or other; and all those heretics who disagreed with them; and all those women whom they hated from the start, hiding their shame behind a chalk statue of the Blessed Virgin…;; and all those poor demented women whom they thrust up with tortures, beacuse ‘Jesus said’; and all those Jews, down the centuries, and those millions of atheistic communists whom this scandalous church hated for so long and so intensely, simply because they got in the way of the Humpty Dumpty story. The JEWS AND THE COMMUNISTS, it now seems, were right all along. There was not baby in a stable, no son of god who ‘taketh away the sins of the world’, just a rotten Papacy who robs people and adds immeasurably to their burden.

    Ask yourself: if you had One billion supporters, would you have Bush elected, Blair and Bush converts, and would you tolerate a war on Iraq and Afghanistan? If you wanted such a war stopped, wouldn’ you stop it, especially with 30 Jesuit universities in the US and hordes and hordes of voters? Aren’t we back a little with WW11 and the HOLOCAUST? Do you honestly believe that Pacelli wasn’t anti-Jewish as well as anti-Communist? That he did not want them both burned to death? That the Papacy who had preached such crusades of hatred since time began, didn’t know where Franco’s Spain was up to, what Il Duce’s Italy was capable of in Abyssinia and that Pacelli , who had served so long in Germany, did not know the story there. Wasn’t it the same in Croatia and isn’t it reasonable to conclude, given the history of the Papacy’s influence on making wars, that the Popes are not only neutral, but are the instigators of such horrible consequences: and that they hide their world malice behind the Humpty Dumpty figure of ‘Jesus’ who seemingly said anything you want him to say.

    Finally, do you also believe that John Paul 11, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher would have backed down from WW111, had not those athesitic Russian commmunists not allowed the people to express themsleves, break down the Berlin wall and refuse to fight , even though it meant prostituting the Russian continent? And do you also believe that the present Pope does not have a say in Poland’s plot to built American missiles in its back yard and to provoke Russia into a response, while keeping the EU silent on the unilateral actions of the Pope in Ireland and in Polish/America.

    If you believe that all these things are coincidental, then maybe you should remain a Catholic and do not read the works of Joseph Atwill or Francesco Carotta. If you believe that all these happenings are coincidental and are not driven by neurotically-driven, messianically-driven celibates in Rome, then there is nothing further I can say that will influence you. If , however, you do not believe these matters to be coincidental, then you will find some means of challenging the biggest tyrant that ever lived on earth — Christianity!

    Either way, I believe that Christianity is perfectly indifferent to all matters save its messianic thirst for world power!

    Seamus Breathnach

    Comment by Seamus Breathnach | September 6, 2008 | Reply

  7. I am struck by a dagger in the heart, my blood pressure is skyrocketing. This is one of the most ridiculous, idiotic, and pathetic compilations of words I may have ever seen with my own eyes. I hope one never has to read or even look at such information, which has now prevented me from sleeping.

    Comment by tony | November 27, 2008 | Reply

  8. “By killing Jesus, the Jews in affect saved Christianity and we’ve shown them piss-poor gratitude in return. So if you’re Christian, hug a Jew today and say to them: “Thank you for killing my Messiah! I’d probably be worshipping trees and sacrificing virgins to the Cthulhu or some other pagan devil if it weren’t for you and your people!” This is your quote, I hope our paths cross one day.

    Comment by tony | November 27, 2008 | Reply

  9. Tony, you’re a moron. Either you’re some politically-correct thickhead too stupid to realize the overwhelming
    obviousness of the sarcasm here or you’re an anti-semetic skinhead redneck too inbredded to understand how
    ridiculous the old anti-semetic claims were.

    Comment by samuraidave | November 28, 2008 | Reply

  10. Jesus being a Jew himself knew everything that went on in the Jewish world at that time. He knew that the Jews of His time were nowhere near the Israelites of old in their values and morals. He knew that the Jews had sinned against God in many ways and for a very long time. He knew that the Jews were an extremely arrogant and wicked race of people who had all but completely rejected God – the very God that had chosen them.

    The Gospels have many stories for anyone who dares to read of how rich, powerful and ‘holy’ Jews treated weaker people including their own kind. One such story is that of the good Samaritan where a so-called pagan came to the rescue of a poor Jew lying by the wayside after the ‘holy’ Jews refused to help because they did not want to become ‘unclean’. There are many other stories of how poor Jewish widows were exploited and robbed of all their wealth and dignity.

    Jesus stood up to the Jewish authorities that condoned violence against the poor and defenseless. He wasn’t afraid to speak out against the wickedness and bloody-mindedness of rich Jews. He exposed them for their hypocrisy and challenged them to really obey the laws of Moses and ultimately of God. So the Jews came to hate Jesus and plotted to kill Him. But at first they could not do much except to grind their teeth against Him. Ultimately they arrested Him and literally dragged Him before the Roman Governor Pilate and demanded that Jesus be executed whilst making many false accusations against Him.

    What is amazing is that the Roman Governor himself declared Jesus to be innocent and wanted to set Him free. It was only the persistent shouting of the Jewish mob of ‘Crucify Him’ and their many threats one of which was to start a riot that forced the torture and execution of Jesus to take place. To say that the Jews did not kill Jesus is a joke. Actually the Jews did much worse than just kill Jesus. They rejected Him, they hated and scorned Him, they spat on Him, they had Him tortured and laughed at His suffering, they handed Him over to the Romans be crucified and would have danced on His grave if they could. And they said “May His blood be upon us and our people”. And that’s exactly what has happened for the last 2000 years.

    Comment by Roger | May 18, 2009 | Reply

    • and that’s a load of bullshit which my essay mocks mercilessly. That blood upon us crap wouldn’t wash in any court legal or spiritual. In no way did that mob speak for all Jews (if they really said that at all to begin with).

      Not all the Jews were gathered in Jerusalem that day to vote for Jesus being crucified. To say the JEWS as in all of them hated Jesus is the height of illogical lunacy. To say that the JEWS wanted to kill Jesus is a joke – a bad stupid joke with an unfunny punchline.

      Your mentality is that of the Dark Ages to cast blame on an entire people from then to now for the actions of relatively few in comparison.

      Please sterilize yourself so you don’t populate the world with more stupid people like yourself.

      Comment by samuraidave | May 18, 2009 | Reply

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