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14 Meter Tall Gundam Float and more Giant Gundam in Odaiba

This is a short follow-up to my Gundam vid. Here I talk about a 14 meter tall Gundam float made of Japanese paper – washi – that I saw at a festival in Aomori, the “Gundam Gap” in my Japanese Anime experience, my video game experience with Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon, and a little bit more about this Gundam’s “secret” potential.

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Q&A with Samurai Dave on the Tokyo Yamanote Halloween Train

I was in the Kansai/Nagoya area recently to take in a geisha performance in Kyoto and to tour a castle or two in the Nagoya area.

While I was there I met Maggie and her owner Gimmeabreakman from Youtube. Gimmeabreakman interviewed me on the controversial Tokyo Yamanote Halloween Train which caused quite a bit of furor on the internet. Internet denizens were either up in arms against it or that they missed it.

Here I discuss how overly-demonized the event is and how many people are just experiencing internet faux rage over something that they probably never heard before they saw it on youtube or some other forum

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Happy Run Like a Ninja Day!

Hey, folks, it’s July 5th, so that means it’s once again (or first to begin) National Run Like a Ninja Day. Time to show our support to our Ninja brethern and sisteren who provide us with so much entertainment at the cost of their own lives and limbs.

Run Like a Ninja Day is the bastard brainchild of Youtube Guru Andy McGaffican who created the concept as a shameless publicity stunt in order to get featured on Youtube and raise enough movie to send the entire cast of High School Musical into the sun.

Watch and learn how you can help the Ninja and get featured on Youtube.

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