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Back-Been Busy!

After a fair bit of time of not posting videos, I’m back. I had some technical difficulties with my Mac and Windows Movie Maker was too much of a hassle to re-learn. I got the Mac fixed and now I’m back to watching my videos take ages to upload again – uh, yay?

Anyway, I stayed busy over the summer going to a number of events and festivals that you can see snippets of here.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more videos to follow!

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Ryuhyo – Japanese Drift Ice in Hokkaido

Japanese Drift Ice – Ryuhyo

Ryuhyo is drift ice that appears along the northern coast of Hokkaido (in northern Japan) in the Sea of Okhotsk from about late January to early April. Visitors can take hour-long cruises on ice-breaking ships from northern coastal towns like Abashiri. Drift ice is important to the region’s ecosystem because it helps plankton grow which are the base of the food chain for the region. Unfortunately in recent years Global Warming has reduced the amount of drift ice.

This footage is from about 2 years ago that I just now got around to editing. I was in Hokkaido for the Yuki Matsuri/Snow Festival and decided to go to Abashiri to see the drift ice. This was actually my second time having gone before a few years earlier. I was lucky on both occasions to see the drift ice because some days you can’t see it as it depends on the weather and wind conditions.

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