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Life-Size Gundam Returns to Tokyo

While at a German Oktoberfest Celebration (in May) in Odaiba, I came across my old friend Gundam whom I saw here 3 years ago. Gundam is back in Tokyo big as ever. In 2009 to mark the 30th Anniversary of the premiere of the popular anime show Gundam, a 1:1 life-size Gundam model was erected on the island of Odaiba in Tokyo. It stayed there for a couple of months before being moved to Shizouka. Now it’s back in Tokyo for however long.

Gundam is an anime show where humans pilot these large robot-like suits called Mecha. Gundam has become a cultural icon in Japan.


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Giant Gundam Robot Model in Tokyo – Video

Embrace your inner geek – in Tokyo a life-size Gundam almost 60 feet tall has been revealed in all its glory. Gundam for those not up on their anime nostalgia was an animated show which started in 1979 about a future where robots or mecha piloted by humans battle for supremacy or something like that (I never saw the show). 

Tokyo’s Gundam is currently in Odaiba. The big ceremony will be July 10th and it will remain throughout the summer. The Gundam model has 50 points of light, emits steams, and its head revolves left to right and up.

Music by The Exotic Ones:

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