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The Fate of Mayan Prophecy Books After December 21st

The Fate of Mayan Prophecy Books After December 21st

I don’t know about you but I’m going to miss this plucky little doomsday prophecy. It’s been around for so long longer than a lot of us in fact.

Even back when 2000/2001 was being hyped as the End of the World there was still the safeguard for doomsday prophets of 2012 that if Jesus didn’t get us, Kukulkan would.

This prophecy was doomsday gold. It had an exact date and it was vouched for by a mysterious vanished civilization renowned for its intellectual prowess. How could they be wrong? In fact they weren’t wrong it was just modern dimwits and opportunists who misunderstood them.

On the positive side, if anything at least it got people interested in Mayan history and culture.

I’m just a little sad it’s over and done. It’s been around all my life and now it’s finished. Countless number of books and documentaries were done on it and on the other side you countless number of jokes referring to it. I just don’t think any future doomsday prophecy is going have the same panache as this one did.

So long Mayan Calendar Prophecy! It was a good ride with a lot of laughs and a few scares. You will be missed!



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