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Ninja Trick Knife

I was in Kyoto recently and came across a ninja merchant selling his trick knife. Ah, those crafty ninja – you got to love them (or they’ll kill you)!


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  1. hehe… poor little weeaboo :p Most of your videos get shit ratings but you try and try, it’s like you don’t realize that a white boy in samurai armor acting the expert on foreign cultures is just plain sad. I mean jesus christ look at his picture on your profile here, you’ve got this “I’m so cool” smirk even though you look a complete and utter fool…

    Comment by fail, asshat | March 28, 2011 | Reply

    • oh, my! the voice of the faceless nameless troll! How utterly original! Where is my pen and paper so I can write down these poignant points of pointlessness? vaffanculo BTW

      Comment by samuraidave | March 28, 2011 | Reply

  2. I LOVE the Ninja 110 System. I got mine from the manufacturer website at $159, so this is about the same price with all of the same accessories. It truly is worth the money. The blender blade has THREE blades on the large pitcher and two on the smaller pitcher. Both are still a heck of a lot more than on any food processor I own\owned! It does a fantastic job and, thanks to a turbo motor, it blends in seconds. Crushes ice like nobody’s business. I would recommend this to anyone. Will leave follow up feedback in six months. Right now, I am one happy camper. My husband and I juice veggies and fruits several times a day (HIGHLY recommend the Jack LaLanne Juicer for everyday use for juicing- ours is five years old and still works like it is brand new), so the Ninja 1100 adds extra blending power to both our juicing and my cooking, which I love to do. Lastly, it comes with a superb cookbook specifically with recipes for using in the Ninja. Five stars all the way.

    Comment by WindyByTheSea | August 28, 2011 | Reply

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