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Outdoor Sumo at Yasukuni Shrine

In April, sumo gets back to its roots at Yasukuni Shrine with an outdoor event. In olden times, sumo was generally held outdoors at shrines and temples or before gathered assemblies of august groups such as the shogun, daimyo (feudal lord), even the Emperor.

Hono Ozumo is a special ceremonial sumo event held at a shrine such as Yasukuni Shrine. Lower rank wrestlers (maku-shita) and top rank wrestlers (maku-uchi) compete. Even the yokozuna the highest rank in sumo compete at Hono Ozumo. If there is more than one yokozuna, they will compete against each other. Sumo can have several yokozuna at the same time but it is relatively rare to have more than two. Usually to see a yokozuna match between two yokozuna is a rare treat. Only on the last day of a tournament can one see this and it’s very difficult to get tickets for that day.

This year was a chance to see such a yokozuna match, the first in four years as Yokozuna Asashoryu retired in February of 2010. Hakuho has been the only yokozuna until September of 2012 when Harumafuji was promoted. This was their first yokozuna match at Yasukuni.

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    • lol! I love the way you complain about Japanese racism then proceed to use the derogatory term “Jap” thru-out your ranting rambling diatribe.

      FYI I don’t remember you from youtube but I’m sure you must have posted something stupid like the above and I promptly blocked you because you were an annoying obsessive little twit who had nothing of worth to say.

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      Furthermore, that you felt the need to post your rantings on an article about sumo posted by a guy in a samurai outfit who calls himself Samurai Dave and mainly posts about festivals shows that you are both a disturbed and disturbing individual. I suggest you seek professional help.

      Comment by samuraidave | September 9, 2013 | Reply

      • Oh wow “Dave”…everything I said was and is the truth. If you must know, yea, I have a problem with the Japanese (better?)….the Japanese politicians are the real problem, continually pushing aside cuplibility for their more numerous attrocities than there is room on this space. Its you that is the one who is indeed blind, you’re just like they are, you care not for anyone else, but your prescious Japanese you have seemingly have a strange interest in. Face it Dave, they are the most racist people in the world. I posted this here because you post nothing about their wartime past, so I just picked a comment board that was closest. So “Dave”, do you deny all the wartime attrocities the Japanese continue to deny they know they did? The same war crimes they keep from their population? I am not the only one who feels this way, your Youtube videos about the Yasukuni Shrine gives me all the credibility I need. Face it “Dave” these Japanese you have a hardon for are the most cruel and racist people since that of the ancients. Do you know how many outsiders they allow to take up permanant residency in Japan? Go ahead and research that, it will surprise you. They allow hardly any outsiders into their country to live there permanantly because they don’t want any outsiders into their RACIST country…

        I have one question I would like an answer from you…ready?

        Why do Japanese people of the age of about 20 to about 50 deny the “Rape of Nanking” ever really happend?….answer that “Dave”…if you can…

        Comment by Woody | September 9, 2013

      • Why do Japanese people of the age of about 20 to about 50 deny the “Rape of Nanking” ever really happend?….answer that “Dave”…if you can…

        Considering I’m not Japanese, why don’t you actually ask someone who is Japanese of the age about (work on your grammar) 20 to about 50 this question? I’m betting that the reason you do not is that you lack both the courage and sanity to do so.

        Face it Dave, they are the most racist people in the world.

        What I am facing is a lunatic posting racist rambling rantings.

        You need help. Get some before it’s too late.

        Comment by samuraidave | September 9, 2013

      • I have asked Japanese people that very same question, I went to the Prime Minister Abe page on Facebook and had debates and discussions with a few Japanese people, and all of them tell me that the “Rape of Nanking” never happened and that its all “Western Propaganda” and that all the photographs are US made fakes. Now why would your prescious Japanese people think this way? Do you deny that it happened? Are you like those holocaust deniers like the Muslims are? Are you a Japanese apologist?……I can tell you that when you keep saying I need help its you that is scared to answer the one question I have posed, c’mon “Dave”, answer that one question I asked of you….don’t be scared, you can do it,,,

        Comment by Woody | September 9, 2013

      • I told you to get help because it’s obvious you need it. Seriously, try to see how crazy you come off. Look at your writing style. It screams of someone mentally unbalanced.

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      • Sounds like someone needs a nap…, going off on cussing tirades only shows me that its you that might need medication. Ok “Dave”….how about this approach……

        Mr “Dave”….will you please answer the question?….I asked politely….just relax pal, I assure you I am quite sane. I just wonder why you keep dodging the question, seems like Abe and his tactics have rubbed off on you in the way you keep doing your best not to answer. I am not going anywhere anytime soon. I am doing this because I am getting back at you for blocking me from your Youtube Channel because you don’t want to hear about the savage past of this land of racists you have adopted as your own, you’re of European heritidge you know…you are not Japanese…I suppose you’ll block me from here too, but the question remains….chickenshit…

        Comment by Woody | September 9, 2013

      • You did not ask politely nor are you now. You don’t deserve an answer or any respect. The only thing you deserve is a glass of warm milk spiked with tranquilizers and a straightjacket.

        I am doing this because I am getting back at you for blocking me from your Youtube Channel

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        Comment by samuraidave | September 9, 2013

      • I am fully grown, married and have all I need all set up, a beautiful Filipino wife, believe me, I just said that about getting back at ya just to get a rise out of ya, I actually laughed when you blocked me. I knew when you blocked me I hit a nerve and was dead-on correct, I know I am right about the Japanese, you know it too but are too much of a “Japanese-o’phile” to ever admit it. What is your fascination with the Japan? You do know they are extremely racist don’t you? …You do know they murdered, massacred, slaughtered as many, if not more innocent people than Nazi Germany?. I find your Japan fetish somewhat unhealthy…..again, answer the question….if you can…but I feel you will just dodge it like your messiah Abe….until later…..c-ya…

        Comment by Woody | September 10, 2013

  2. Calling yourself a grown man and acting like a grown man are two different things but I don’t recall asking for your life’s story or current situation which in no way helps your “argument” (if one could call it as such) nor does it refute my assertion that you are 52 cards short of a deck (if anything it supports my argument).

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    • Just as I thought you would, attacking me and dodging the question….I think its you that needs help with you J-pan fetish…and I have no such fetish of you, I only want you to answer the question truthfully…and I’ll go away…

      Comment by Woody | September 10, 2013 | Reply

  3. Oh and by the way….why do you play Samarai dress up in that profile pic of yours?…

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    Comment by samuraidave | September 10, 2013 | Reply

    • I will show it to others….I will show to others when you answer the question….”Dave”….you’re the one who has an obsession, you have two actually….J-pan and me thinking I need some sort of help, the only help I need is you to answer the question…and I won’t post here again, then delete all my posts, ban me or whatever you think you need to do….ok?…until later….c-ya “Dave”….

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  6. Still evading the question Huh Dave?….

    Comment by Woody | June 30, 2014 | Reply

  7. Hi Dave….ready to answer the question yet?…its been over a year now to have got your thoughts together…so give an answer already….

    Comment by Woody | July 25, 2014 | Reply

  8. I am still waiting Dave….I now have a friend I met thru the WW2 history page on Facebook I have adminned almost 5 years now, he teaches english in Osaka and he is American and showed me a typical Japanese history textbook, and it, and as I suspected the book downplays the hundreds of thousands of innocent people they slaughtered during the terror war they (japs) perpetrated on Greater Asia, and then this book (revised by the Japanese Education Ministry) portrays Japan as vicitms of the US in a war Japan started…hmm, strange that Japan considers themselves vicitms of war that Japan themselves started. Since it been quite awhile since I posted here I was hoping you would PLEASE answer that question I asked of you sometime ago…..can you?…will you?…..c-ya around Dave…oh by the way, on my way to the Philippines I had a layover in Narita, Japan, so I took a taxi to have a look around, there are still WW2 sites in japan. I found an old airstrip used by kamikaze pilots. I took a bunch of pics if you would like to see them. All the pics I took are quite interesting, there are Japanese people actually living at the site that has barred off bunkers and tunnels, the airstrip itself is the main road for the 7-8 houses…have a great day Dave….

    Comment by Woody | November 28, 2014 | Reply

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